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Umbrella Cockatoos

Here is our umbrella cockatoo hatching out. We had to help this baby, as baby could not get out of shell on it's own. In two of the photos we placed a walnut to give you an idea of what size an umbrella cockatoo egg and chick would be.


Baby umbrella cockatoo is day one below and doing just great! Notice the white tip on the beak this is what we call the egg tooth. The baby uses it to chip out of the egg. it will soon disappear because the baby will not have need of it any longer.

And look at us now (we are hungry), and yes there was a second egg. The second baby umbrella cockatoo hatched without any help. They are five and nine days old in photos below:

Look at all the pin feathers! (left photo) They look like little spikes sticking out all over. Here they are 17 days (sleeping) and 21 days (eyes open).


We are standing up now at 23 & 27 days old. (right photo) The one with his mouth open wider is 27 days, maybe because the 23 day old is standing on his foot.

If you look real close you can see the little crest being raised and lowered, they are excited knowing their food is coming. You can hardly see the baby macaw, but he is there on the right side, snuggling into the umbrella cockatoo babies.

Baby blue and gold macaw is very visible in this clip with the two umbrella cockatoo babies.

Here we are umbrella cockatoo babies at 41 days and 46 days in (left) photo, and 46 days again in (right) photo. You can visibly see feathers emerging from the pin feathers. Soon they will be growing into those big feet. They kind of look a this stage as if they have q-tips sticking out all over, lol. It's such an amazing transformation as they feather out into such a gorgeous bird.

A group of young umbrella cockatoos.

This is a young baby umbrella hatched in year 2000. Her name is: "Dutchess," she has a great new family to live with.



More baby umbrella cockatoos, this baby is listening to the musical moose.


Mature adult umbrella cockatoos.


Please note many of our pictures are linked to mini movies, hope you enjoy!

Umbrella Cockatoos although not prized for their talking ability many of them often surpass the African Grey's talking ability. They are one of the cuddly bird types and prefer to be not just on you and with you but curled up in your arms as part of your body. Thus giving them the nickname " The Velcro Bird" among parrot types. True to their nature they are not one to leave on a playstand when you leave the room as you will soon hear the pitter patter of small feet on your floor searching for you. For this reason they should not be left unattended when let out to play for they can get into trouble on their quest to find you. Electrical cords and such are not their friends for obvious reasons, among other household items they can and will get into. It is not that they are bad birds but that owners must take a more responsible stand in caring for them. Which when properly cared for leads to a wonderful companion of very longevity.


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